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24.- Taurė: All teams registered in a country will play in the cup. The Cup is an elimination tournament. Only the winner of the match will continue to the next round. The loser is eliminated from the cup. So every week the number of teams still playing in the cup will be divided by 2 until there are only 2 teams left who will fight to be CUPWINNER!!!! Unlike the league, there has to be a winner in every match. This means that if the game ends on a draw after 90 minutes, 30 minutes of extra time will be played. If there is still a draw after 120 minutes, then penalties will decide who goes through to the next round. Every round of the cup will be played as a single match in the stadium of the team that had the worst ranking the season before. Only the Final will be played on a neutral field. The local team effect has no validity on a neutral field.

24.01.-Dirbama: The first thing to bearing in mind are the minimal requirements that a country needs to be able to participate in the National Cup: a minimum of 8 active teams controlled by humans who have already played a season. The system is very simple, one team plays one match against another and the winner advances to the next round until the final. In the first round of the Cup the first ranked team will play an away game against the lowest ranked team. The second ranked team will play against the second lowest team and so on. The next draw will be random. But the team with the lowest ranking of the two will play at home. Bear in mind that the ranking of the previous will be used and not the actual ranking. In the begin of the new season the pairs will be drawn.

24.02.-Komandos galinčios žaisti Taurėje: To know whether you are allowed to play in the cup you have to look for the following text:"Minimum ranking to play cup" situated at the information page of your country. This number depends on the amount of active teams and must be a multiple of 2 as 2 teams need to play the final.

24.03.-Ekonominiai apdovanojimai: Not only will you receive applause from the fans and a "Good Luck"-wish from the board, but the cup also has financial rewards. Every round the winner will receive a bonus as well as 2/3 as stadium income for the home team and 1/3 for the away team. The finalists will also receive a bonus as well as the topscorer. The further you are in the cup the more more you will get.

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Taurės Čempionas: 1.125.000€ 
Taurės vice čempionas: 675.000€ 
Rezultatyviausias: 180.000€ 
Patekimas į kitą raundą: 60.000€ 

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