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Žaidėjų rinka

13.- Žaidėjų rinka: From this screen you can see and verify the state of your purchases and current sales. Using the search engine you can indicate the characteristics of the players you are looking for and once the information is filtered, the page will tell you what players apply to your parameters. To make sure you don't have heaps of matches, adjust the player search using parameters like nationality and age. Do remember that the money you have available is the maximum amount you can bid.. We will now explain you about transfers.

13.00.-Taisyklės: This is the explanation with ficticious example how bids work. If the last time of bidding is at 11.25, the last bid would be accepted at 11.24:59, the last bid would be accepted without adding 2 minutes at 11.23:59 and if the bid was only made between 11.24:00 and 11.24:59 the last time of bidding would add with 2 minutes more being 11.27 the new last time of bidding.

13.01.-Parduodamas: Čia galite pamatyti žaidėją kuri jūs įtraukėte į transferas. Be to, pamatysite,to kuris pateikė pasiūlymą, kaip didziausia, kad pasiūlymas yra, iki paskutinio termino.

13.02.-Perkamas: Čia tu gali pamatyti žaidėjų sąrašą už kuriuos tu pasiūlei daugiausia pinigų šiuo metu. Tu pamatysi savo pasiūlymą ir šio žaidėjo pasiulymų pabaigą.

13.03.-Parduoti žaidėją: When you decide to put up a player for sale ( player must have been at the club for at least a week) what you're actually doing is letting the ProFurgol.com community be able to bid on your player. The teams have to bid higher than the minimum offer. The teams keep on bidding on him until nobody his interest or funds anymore to keep on bidding. The deadline has a limit of 24, 48 or 72 hours. When somebody places a bid 1 minute before the deadline the deadline will be extended by another 2 minutes. It's not allowed just to bid to make the price higher, to offer ridiculously high bids or to buy/sell players from a team with the same IP like you. These things will be severely punished by the ProFurgol.com administrations.

13.04.-Laisvi žaidėjai: A free player is a dismissed player who does not have team. There are two possibilities to become a free player. The first one can be because he believes the player does not have enough potential and believes that nobody will buy him. The second one can be to cut costs in case of a close bankruptcy situation where the manager tries to cut salaries. ( 8 weeks of inactivity or 8 weeks of having a debt of more than 100.000€) This team is from then on controlled by the ProFurgol bank. All players that were in the team are put for sale for 10 days, when bidding on him this deadline will changed to 3 days. On the other hand, if there haven't been any bids, he will stop playing football and will have to devote himself on other things in life. The first team of the player will lose his right of compensation as to being his mother club.
From 2nd March 2009 once a team buys a free player and becomes the origin club will not be able to resell him in 56 days, the reason for this is the following, when a club becomes the origin club of a player it gets 100% rights on the player, we have decided to benefit the player and the club those right will be adquired only when the player remains 56 days in the club.

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